• Rust - stable channel, currently rustc 1.58.1 (db9d1b20b 2022-01-20).
  • Java 14 - currently openjdk 14.0.2 (2020-07-14).

Notice that JDK <= 14 is still the required for smithy-rs, but this restriction would be removed with the move to gradle 7 - see tracking issue.

Build from source

Clone the repo (use a fork if you want to contribute back upstream):

git clone
cd s3d

Build debug mode:


Build release mode:

make RELEASE=1

Run locally

Run from target dir:

./target/debug/s3d <args>

Load shell env to simplify running (run make env to show the commands):

eval $(make env)
s3d # aliased to ./target/debug/s3d
eval $(make env RELEASE=1)
s3d # aliased to ./target/release/s3d